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Credit Records

21/06/2013 04:49
Another advantage of charge cards is that while they allow consumers to build a credit record by contributing to payment history and depth of credit, they generally won’t impact another important part of the FICO score: the utilization ratio. According to FICO’s consumer operations manager, the...


11/06/2013 18:48
If you are able to pay your bills on time every month and not carry over a balance, credit cards are a great convenience. The cards can also land you deep in debt. This often occurs if you’re unaware of the terms of the credit card agreement, and if you carry too many cards.


11/06/2013 04:50
One advantage of using a charge card instead of a credit card is that it protects cardholders from accumulating credit card debt, since the balance has to be paid off in full each month. For cardholders who find that they constantly spend more on their credit cards than they intended to,...

Credit Cards

11/06/2013 01:54
Credit cards nowadays are fast becoming the most effective means of financial transaction. The convenience and time saving benefits along with the safety and reliablity they offer make them the popular choice. The wide network of shops, malls and retail outlets encourage a vast populace to use...

Student Cards Explained

11/06/2013 01:53
Various people have different needs. So the credit card suppliers too have designed different type of cards. Besides the normal credit cards, there are small business cards for small business and then there are student credit cards which are designed especially for students. Now, what is...

Secured Credit Cards

11/06/2013 01:50
Whether you have no credit or damaged credit, secured credit cards are a good tool for building a good credit history. Several months ago Tom, a member of, filed for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Now he is in the process of rebuilding his credit history. It's a task that is not easy,...

A Business Necessity

05/04/2012 20:27
As electronic transactions continue to grow, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to survive as cash-only entities. The local diner, car wash or ice cream store might be able to get away with it, simply because they deal in small amounts and have a high volume of...

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